E-commerce systems, depending on the direction of the company and the nature of the counterparties, are divided into:

B2B (Business-to-Business). This type of commerce involves the execution of transactions, the conclusion of partnership contracts for the supply and sale, and other relations between legal entities (market participants). Activities in the B2B system are carried out on specially created for these purposes Internet sites with the use of interactive databases;

B2C (Business-to-Consumer). In this system, the exchange of various products is carried out between legal entities and individuals in the form of retail sales;

B2G (Business-to-Government). In this system, various municipal authorities or government agencies interact with legal entities;

С2С (Consumer-to-Consumer). This branch of e-commerce is intended for the conclusion of transactions between individuals on the ads posted on the sites;

G2C (Government-to-Citizens). In this area of ​​e-commerce, citizens are provided with access to various government data for information support, making payments, or obtaining documents.

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