Performance testing is a non-functional testing technique for measuring system parameters such as responsiveness and stability under various loads. Allows you to investigate the site speed and scalability of the application, for example, when adding new users. It is carried out in order to find out what kind of load the site is able to withstand. Performance testing measures the quality attributes of a system such as a scalability, reliability, and resource utilization.

Load testing is a performance testing technique in which the response of a system is measured under various load conditions. Responsible for the responsiveness of the web application when the workload increases. Load tests are carried out for normal and peak loads (simultaneous purchase of goods or authorization on the site of a large number of users).

Load testing approach:

  • Evaluate performance acceptability criteria
  • Identify critical scenarios
  • Workload model
  • Determine target load levels
  • Test design
  • Run tests
  • Analyze the results

Load testing tasks: response time, throughput, resource utilization, maximum user load, business metrics.

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