UI design for mobile applications

Mobile application design is a mobile version of a website with additional features. At the same time, the main task for developers is to create a user-friendly ecosystem with a perfect UI design.

Once you’ve designed the interface, you can move on to the visuals and clean up the application. The main task at this stage is to bring the design to a uniform style.

It is advisable to use no more than 5 – 6 types of one font (different sizes, colors, and thicknesses) and 4 – 5 colors for the entire application. This is enough to add emphasis and create a neat interface. It is also worth considering the animation of the transition from one screen to another: disappearance, displacement, preloader, etc. When choosing colors, it should also be borne in mind that the color palette of the iPhone is usually better than the palette of Android devices, which means that you need to abandon dirty and adjacent flowers.

At the final stage, the development of adaptive versions takes place. If the application is available only for iOS, you are lucky, because you only need to draw two versions: for iPhone 6 and iPhone 12. However, if your task is a service for Android, you will have to select 4 – 5 most popular resolutions in a specific segment of the target audience.

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